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Real Estate Law

For most individuals, purchasing a home is the largest single purchase they will make in their lifetime. Whether you are a first time home buyer or a more seasoned purchaser, purchasing a rental property or a vacation home, we give each transaction the same attention to detail to ensure that the experience of purchasing a home goes as seamlessly as possible. Our real estate attorney assists sellers wishing to sell their homes and existing homeowners who wish to refinance their residence. We have experience closing all types of loans, including reverse mortgages, conventional loans, FHA loans, home equity loans as well as purchase money mortgages. We are agents for numerous lenders and financial institutions and represent several title insurance companies. We can also help clients address land issues that may arise such as easements, land encroachments and other matters that may affect the value or marketability of your property. We have also assisted homeowners who dispute their property tax assessments in taking the necessary tax appeals to reduce their taxes. Our team loyally caters to clients throughout Wilton, CT; Fairfield, CT; Norwalk, CT; and beyond.

Commercial Real Estate

real estate attorney Fairfield, CT

Our firm has been a leader in the development, purchase and sale of commercial real estate in Westport and the surrounding areas since the 1930’s. As such, we have an in-depth knowledge of the issues that arise when purchasing or selling commercial properties. We have experience in leases and leasing transactions and will assist you in the preparation, review or negotiation of business and commercial leases. Our representation of various property managers and building owners over the years provides us with a wide array of experience to best serve our commercial clients.

Landlord/Tenant Law

Landlord/Tenent Lease Agreements

Whether you are the owner of a single rental home, multi- family home, or a commercial property, or a tenant occupying any of the above, landlord-tenant issues may arise. Whether it is the preparation or review of a lease, a tenant who fails to pay the rent or abide by the lease terms and conditions, a security deposit issue or an eviction or action for back rent, we can help. Our experience can help you navigate through the Housing Court if necessary or ideally work out a resolution between the parties without court intervention.

Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

probate attorney Wilton, CT

Our Certified Probate Attorney serves the Fairfield & Norwalk, CT Communities

A carefully drafted estate plan will insure that your spouse, children , relatives or others will be protected in the event of your death. After an extensive consultation, we will together determine what type of plan is right for you, whether a will, living trust, an insurance trust, special needs trust or other vehicle or combination thereof makes the most sense for each individual client, factoring in tax considerations as well . Our comprehensive estate planning services will incorporate the use of living wills, appointment of health care proxies, powers of attorney and HIPAA authorizations, suited to meet the needs and desires of the client and to ensure that all possible contingencies will be addressed.

Estate & Trust Administration

probate attorney Fairfield, CT

After a relative, friend or loved one passes, we work with executors, trustees, spouses, heirs or other family members through the process of settling or administering the estate. Whether administering a living or testamentary trust, or opening an estate in the probate courts, we focus on the legal aspects required to settle the estate in a timely manner and guide the fiduciary with respect to the distribution of the assets in order to fulfill the wishes of the deceased. As this is an emotional time for family and friends, we will assist through the legal process with compassion and help alleviate the stress associated with navigating a process that can often seem overwhelming. We are also experienced in conservatorships and guardianship procedures in the local probate courts.

Business Transactions

Business and Contract Attorneys

When forming a new business, a number of considerations should be taken into account in order to determine the best type of entity to form. These may include the size, the protection you are seeking, tax considerations and how it is being financed. We have formed hundreds of limited liability companies, partnerships, corporations, including non-profits for our clients. When you are ready to purchase or sell the stock or assets of a small to mid-size company, business or franchise, we represent clients throughout the process from the initial letter of intent, contracts, leases as well as financing the transaction up through the closing. We also advise businesses and individuals regarding employment agreements or other commercial contracts, leases or agreements in a business or corporate setting.

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